Directions to Kunene River Lodge

  • Driving past Ruacana Falls and parallel to the Kunene River. Ruacana is accessible by tarred roads only from the south-east via the B1 and C
  • The C35 is not tarred to Ruacana. The first 13 km of the road from Ruacana to KRL are tarred, followed by 47 km of gravel road.
  • Drive between the Zebra and Ehomba Mountains. Follow the C35 (from Kamanjab) then the C41 to Opuwo (both tarred).
  • About 2.5 hours to drive the 135 km to KRL along the D3700 to Epembe, then along the D3701 - both good gravel roads
  • There is a very good gravel road from Epupa Falls to Epembe, then from Epembe to KRL, totalling 165 km (3-4 hours driving time
  • Both roads are graded regularly, so driving them is straightforward
  • The 100km riverside road from Epupa to KRL should only be tackled by experienced 4x4 drivers in a high clearance 4x4 - preferably with anoth