Directions to Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge

  • You drive to from Kasane to Kachikau on a tarred road for a distance of 99km in a southerly direction.
  • In Between Kasane and Kachikau you will pass through Sedudu Wildlife Gate, Ngoma Wildlife Gate, Mabele village, and Kavimba.
  • It is approximately an hour and half drive to Kachikau from Kasane.
  • After Kachikau the tarred road ends, and you start driving on sand road.
  • Only 4x4 vehicles can pass through the sand road and you have to reduce pressure on the tyres.
  • About 3km or so from Kachikau the sand road will join a firebreak which you have to follow for about 40 km.
  • Then the firebreak will join with Linyanti, Ghoha sand road at a T junction. On the T junction you turn to the left and now start driving ea
  • You turn and enter the gate where you will meet Wildlife Personnel who will register you to enter the Chobe National Park and you can ask fo
  • There will be signage at all intersections on the dirt roads which you have to observe carefully.