Directions to Heuglin’s Lodge

  • Follow the only road out of the airport until you reach a T-junction after 4 kms
  • After 4 kilometres you will come to a T junction where you turn right.
  • Follow this road for about 20 kms ignoring all turnings.
  • After about 20 Kms you will reach a bridge over a railway line. ( Look for Kapani Meats on your right ).
  • Take the next turning on your right after this bridge onto Ufulu Road.
  • After a couple of kilometres you will see “Ufulu Gardens” on your left.
  • Take the next turning to your right after Ufulu Gardens on to Blantyre Street.
  • hen take the first turning to your right and Heuglin s Lodge is the second house on the right.
  • It has large black gates, with a terracotta coloured wall.